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Jeremy Stone has experience of all areas of practice management

There are many examples to share including focusing team effort to increase turnover by 70% by the mid-term and 30% at the end of the year. That was the result that we achieved after getting the team on board and owning the targets which we monitored using Advance practice management tools. The financial result was great but in addition it forced the work to be carried out in a more ordered manner which meant that the January Self-Assessment deadline was easier to manage.

In order to maximise efficiency any system must become ‘owned’ by all of the team – if the systems are imposed then it will be natural for team members to pull in different directions and as a consequence it is hardly surprising that any system will fail.

Systems are necessary if quality is to be controlled and for wasted effort to me minimised and hopefully eliminated. Our experience indicates that professional firms run at less that 50% efficiency and sadly accountancy practices are no exception.

Some of the benefits of getting it right include:

  • Increased profits
  • Better cash flow
  • Less stress
  • Effective delegation
  • Providing time to enable you to work on your business
  • Giving you time to enjoy family, friends and hobbies
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Our services may be broadly analysed into two areas as shown below. We anticipate that our clients will use both areas, although they may choose to continue with their existing accountant for the compliance areas and use our services for the added value aspects that are important to them.

The majority of our clients will be maintaining their accounting records on computer. For those that do not we can help them convert to computerised accounting with a fixed price installation and training programme. We are able to look at the records, or iron out any problems that may arise in understanding how to complete a task without visiting their premises. We subscribe to a system where our clients can arrange access to their books via their web browser so that they can see our screen or we can see theirs as necessary. This means that regardless of the weather or traffic we can assist when required.

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Added Value Services
By added value services we mean assistance with identifying and helping you move towards your business and personal goals. So often business owners loose sight of their goals because every hour is spent working in the business. This area of our expertise is to assist our clients in getting their life back, whether to work on the business or to enjoy their personal life.

Compliance Services
This area relates to the usual stuff that you expect of an accountant. Preparing the accounts, whether annually or for management purposes, preparing and submitting tax returns, helping with VAT and other government forms or keeping Companies House at bay. The difference with us compared with most other firms is that we will always agree the price in advance with new clients and for existing clients the costs have remained stable since we were formed in 2005.

Other matters that we would group under this area of our business include:
Tax planning (income, corporation, capital gains, inheritance, VAT, National Insurance and most importantly the interaction between them)
Business start-ups including SureStart (a complete package for new businesses)
Financial performance review
Book-keeping and payroll
Installation and training on computerization of the accounting records

As long as we have prepared or reviewed the area of the work involved we are able to cover you for up to £75,000 of the professional costs relating to Revenue and Customs investigations, whether aspect enquiries or full revenue investigations, VAT disputes or investigations, DSS investigations and PAYE compliance and audit inspection disputes.

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If you are looking for an accountant that will be able to provide the guidance that your business will need from starting in business through growing and developing the business to grooming the business for sale or disposal then contact us for a discussion or meeting without cost or obligation so that you may decide whether we are the accountants for you.

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