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Award Winning Software

Digita are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner .

Digita Taxability Pro has been the winner for best Tax Software in the LexisNexis Taxation Awards in the years 2003, 2006 and 2007.

Digita's personal tax product was the first to be awarded the prestigious ICAEW Information Technology Products accreditation for tax software.

Digita Accounts Pro received accreditation from the ICAEW in 2004.

If you are looking for software that will equip your practice for the next step then here it is. We have used Digita products since self-assessment and the products and range just get better.

In 1997 CSM lost its ability to stay ahead and so Jeremy Stone went out to look for best of breed solutions to replace the Accounts, tax and time and fees products. We took on Digita Taxability Pro as a trial for one manager who ran the ‘Sundries’ section. That manager was not particularly computer literate but she was able to run with the software from day one. A graph of tax return submissions follows and needless to say the switch to Digita for the tax products was a “no-brainer” for the following year.

Personal Taxation has been followed with corporate tax, company secretarial and software for electronic form creation. Digita are currently working on trust tax, accounts production. Included within the personal tax product is a tool that enables the practice to check and report on entries that are out of the expected ranges that have been created at practice level. When coupled to the costing aspect which effectively provides for risk rating then the product is well on the way to providing the necessary evidence for Practice Assurance compliance. The personal tax comes with a built in dividend feed for FTSE 100 companies, with an optional feed at a very low cost to extend the dividend feed to about 8,000 companies. Taxaware highlights such areas as the off-setting of loss relief, utilization of tax bands, lack of dividends from close companies etc. Tax returns may be filed by internet, again with a recent development to enable submissions to be batched and filed when the Revenue gateways are less stretched.

When Jeremy was researching best of breed solutions the Accounts product chosen was another brand which, in our opinion, has remained a top product since then. Again, in our opinion that product has now been overtaken by Accounts Pro which we now use. Here we have a product that is easily customized to the practice style, has the ability for audit locks to be created at the time of a review, thereby eliminating the ability to amend the entries made prior to that audit.

Working papers (lead schedules) are produced by the software and are customizable, as are the reports within the accounts; how about designing graphs that may be incorporated within the numbered notes on the accounts for each client!

Finally there are procedures for importing data from legacy systems, and from Sage and other accountancy packages as well as for booking jobs in and out to facilitate working on a client either at the client’s premises, at home or even on the beach!

Briefly the Company secretarial software enables details to be downloaded from the Companies House website - very useful when setting up a new client.

The benefits of using these products include:

  • Checks available from within the software
  • The electronic transfer of data between the products and third party products saving time and keying errors
  • Electronic submission of data to Government gateways on a direct basis without further fees to pay
  • Exports to Microsoft Office and PDF formats

These are the actual results of the submission of tax returns in a west-country practice with Digita Taxability Pro being used by the manager shown in the lilac colour compared with a competing product used by the other managers.

If you are considering ways of re-engineering your practice then software of this quality will form a key area in your solution. We have had hands on experience of these products “at the coal face” so do contact us for a discussion about what these products could do for your practice, or to arrange a demonstration.

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