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We tend to receive most of our new clients from recommendations from existing clients. We realise, however, that there is little to judge us until you experience our service – so we have included some comments picked out from emails received to give a flavour of how our clients feel about us:

Thank you so much for your help with all of this. Just waiting for the boys to approve the minutes then I will fax it all off.
JL 30/8/12

Thanks very much Jeremy, all copied. I must say that it all looks extremely professional and very comprehensively done, thank you so much.
MS 14/8/12

Thank you for your help and the promptness of your response, it is greatly appreciated.
DB 12/9/12

PS I hope I’ll be able to keep you on as my accountants when I leave – you’re the most efficient firm I’ve ever dealt with.
KS 12/9/12

Relief Jeremy, always a shame to pay taxes though, but well done and thanks!!
JW 12/9/12

This year has been a difficult one and we cannot thank you enough for all the help, support and guidance that you have given us during this difficult time. It is much appreciated.
AT 22/12/09

We are happy with both sets of Accounts, but still haven’t managed to speak to S L. Is that going to cause a problem? Many thanks for your hard work in pulling these together.
WF 15/1/08

That’s great news. Thanks very much. We are working away at the end of the week so if I can’t get them signed it might have to be Monday or Tuesday. Look forward to hearing from you.
SL 12/3/12

Thanks Jeremy, let's hope so. I'm sure you need a drink yourself! See you for that beer soon.
SS 31/1/12

Thanks for clarifying that.... we are very happy with the service you give us, and will send you a cheque forthwith!
SB 17/2/11

Thanks so much Jeremy. It all looks good and J is up and running.
RS 21/9/10

Many thanks for your card, and also for your accounting skills and advice during the year.
RY 23/12/11

A million thanks for what, I know, has been a labour of Hercules. It is MUCH appreciated and I feel awful that my dotty system (well done for years Gail) ground to a halt. Lunch on me once I return from foreign parts...a long one where in we will celebrate and thank the gods (all of them) that at least it was not a task of Sisyphus.
MP 22/12/09

Many thanks for your excellent input - glad you weren't my Teacher!!
MS 23/2/10


Many thanks for a great job, once more. I have sent our payments to HMRC earlier this evening.
MP 26/1/12

Many thanks for that. Really appreciate your help.
KK 12/10/11

A short email to say how much I appreciated you contacting your colleague, and pulling in a favour. He appears to be the very sort of person I need to speak with and he seems to know exactly what this is all about without having to tell him too much. Thanks once again for helping us here Jeremy, it means a lot to both W and myself, even if at the end of the day it doesn’t work, it give us a chance we didn't have this time yesterday.
JF 11/9/09

Many thanks for the above, all signed awaiting your collection, cheque also here. Thanks again
JN 2/5/12

Brilliant! Thanks very much for all your efforts.
JA 24/12/09

Many thanks for completing the returns. Thank you for the advice regarding holiday lets and the IRD changes next year to offsetting losses against other income. I will indeed give you a ring to discuss in more detail - but next month when things are a bit calmer for you.
GH 19/1/11

I've signed and sent the forms back - with current postal times, it may take 10 days or so to reach you. Thanks for all your help as ever.
DB 29/1/09

Jeremy – thanks for the information. Well worth having your input at this stage.
BA 21/2/09

Thanks Jeremy that’s brilliant - But you always were good!!
HE 21/5/10

At long last I have managed to get a letter from HMRC stating that I no longer am required to send a Tax Return. Thanks for all you've done for me in the past and I hope that I have a few years left yet!!
AN 28/5/12

We will try to get in touch next week when you have had time to mull it over and hopefully, give us a few of those famous pearls of wisdom!
AV 30/10/08

Thanks Jeremy. As well as my own tax situation members of the family are asking advice so your questions to Mrs. C will be helpful in the situation.
AS 17/5/10

Many thanks for your advice today. As discussed would you be able to e-mail me the relevant info I require to respond to HMRC. Your assistance in this matter is much appreciated.
AW 18/2/11

Many thanks for your comprehensive reply
PC 12/9/12

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